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Destination and stop specific TT info (unpublished)

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Traveline should examine ways of making jounrye planning as easy as national rail enquiries

ELC should promote only one website service for journey planning – too much choice is confusing

ELC should encourage operators to work together on a common timetable to display at stops

ELC to develop information hubs

ELC to develop and promote transport hubs

Sustaining Dunbar and similar to develop Green Bus concept, to connect town centre destinations with a small free green buses, which could remove thousands on unnecessary bus journeys to and from congested High streets and tie in with THs

If operators will not co-operate with a common timetable, then all bus information should conform to a new standard of clarity and currency (as part of a good operator scheme?).

Good operator scheme includes providing excellent services, up to the minute information about destinations served, clear and accurate timetables as well as courteous and considerate drivers. Where buses are not accessible, drivers do their upmost to assist passengers with accessibility problems. Drivers adopt a green code (e.g. don’t leave engines running unecessarily).