Find bus info

There are 2 aspects to this: 1) the resource itself, e.g. a timetable or a map; 2) the process for obtaining the information: via telephone, physically travelling to a tourist info point, using the web / mobile web tools. Not sure what the best way to classify this, yet. So the following is an aide memoire. 

Service Provider. You already know who provides the service, you call them or go to their website.

Timetable – a physical one or perhaps printed from an online version e.g. in the pdf document format. Local outlets, e.g. Library, Rail Station, Timetable at stop

Website or mobile services (There are 3 main options: Traveline Scotland; Transport Direct; Directgov) But all the data come from Traveline

Bus tracker – checks for the next service at a given stop, should work from a smart phone or more rudimentary by SMS text/code

Journey planner – this is timetabling with knobs on. Useful for non routine, unfamiliar or complex or multimodal journeys (website mediated)

Embeddable tools. Some of the above can be lifted into a personal, community or business website. (ditto)

Browser Toolbars. We have found just one, by traveline. Judging by the relatively low popularity in other areas (the Swiss Railways one has just 300 users), this doesn’t look like a promising avenue.

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