On the buses: rural travel information for Ward 7 East Lothian

Bus Route MapI am going to pull together here the variety of timetable and route information sources available.

The rapid review will extend to both online and offline sources.

I will try and look at not just the availability, but distribution, production cycles, online and realtime information sources.

I will evaluate how useful resources are in terms of reliability and ease of use (and maybe test this with real people) but given the time constraints it is not worth getting a measure of how well-used each resource is.

There is limited time available for getting people involved too (e.g. there were 5 different relbus groups on facebook, the membership list is weak, and most of the membership inactive/passive) or by other means.

I will make some recommendations that will help towards making such information easier to access when it is needed, e.g. publicity and roles and responsibilities for disseminating such information.

The terms of reference are not set in stone, so if you have any ideas please let me know.