Dunbar Library

Dunbar library was visited 17th Jan at around 16:30.

All the local bus timetables were available, but were situated behind the desk so not obvious until I asked.

Staff say there is a considerable demand for timetables so they have to make regular copies as they are not routinely sent substitutes. They guard the main Firstbus booklet religiously. Staff will help people to read the timetables, which come in different styles and sizes.

Knowledge of services seems to be very good and staff seemed to be aware of changes to services that were not yet reflected in published information (e.g. the SD timetable).

A copy of the SD map was available as well as a timetable. There was a lone copy of the ASDA bus.

For more complex journeys they would employ the internet, but using the service providers website (and national rail).

Main customers are older members of public, so service seems to match this need.

No mention of Traveline o Transport Direct services.