One Ticket

Single ticketing made easy? If you need a flexible train-bus or bus-bus ticket, this is potentially useful.

The route finder seems relatively easy to use, except large drop downs are difficult for some users to operate.

The user is then faced with an apparent option (Ticket Type), but can be safely ignored and the price returned quickly. The user must refer to the zonemap to ensure they are covered, potentially important if travelling to a destination on the zone boundary.

On the face of it a 3 zone hop on hop off flexible bus service looks cheap for a single person travelling 3 zones (£47), as Firstbus weekly costs £40.

Rail and Bus, Bus and Bus options are available.

If travelling to Edinburgh by train, the zonemap suggests a train-bus combination from Dunbar to Edinburgh Zones, for £55/week and an annual of just over £2000. A rail season costs around £1600.

Bus Only One-Tickets (apart from Annual tickets) can be purchased from PayPoint agents.

One Bus tickets cannot be bought online, not as claimed on the website. You must print a pdf form and take it with a passport sized photo for an id card to a booking office (presumably a rail station or bus station) and seemingly can only pay cash or cheque.