Social Advertising

The OurLocality platform has always seen itself as a publisher, so our syndicated news feed is moderated. Our family friendly website owners universally adhere to the terms of service.

We have Twitter to the extent of just under 4,000 tweety adverts for posts published on our network.

“Is that all?” I hear you say.

Yes, pretty paltry by any standard. Others may be able to contribute more lurid tweets in a week, with earth shattering consequences. But here’s our excuse.

Our social media is robot enabled. It takes any post published on the network of website owners and tweets it, but take note that any changes, our users will not know. When you create content that you want people to know about, create a post and tell people what you’ve done. This is how the modern web works, it feeds off the new, the latest, the greatest.

We rarely ever tweet as real humans. because Twitter in ‘always on’ mode (like all such channels) is overwhelming and most of us have better things to do!

We do have a robot however, who is on the job all the time, and will repost your news within 15 minutes (which BTW gives time to withdraw an ill considered or erroneously published post).

A human deletes the spam that creeps in (increasingly rare) and squashes duplicate posts (a common rookie error).

But, since we are an inclusive bunch, we have launched our very own failbook page, oh very very reluctantly.

So if you’re old (alas the kids abandoned this failed platform some time back) or just a bit foolish (if you are not paying you are the product remember, that’s why they are so rich), you’ll find OurLocality there too, with almost no followers.

Follow Us – please don’t click the adverts (use Adblock and similar), but feel free to like, love, retweet, repost and follow.

Better still, repost our stories and then tell your mates again.

By @ourlocality

Publishing Locally in East Lothian since 2010