Handling the Facebook embed code used to be a struggle (where to find it and what to do with it). Also it required a paid package to embed such things in your ourlocality website.

We have recognised this limited things, especially if you were running a short campaign, your project was cash strapped or you needed to get things up smartish without any help.

So we have removed the need to grab that ugly looking code (it’s not ugly really).

Now all users have 3 new widgets they can deploy. Facebook Social Plugin Widgets adds three widgets:

  • the Facebook Like Box
  • Activity Feed, and
  • Recommendations.

All you need now is to copy the link to your facebook page into your widget!

Most people will want to use the first option, which gives a like button and the activity stream.

Limitations? Currently you can only use this tool in a widget.

POST SCRIPT: We’ve also enabled the Twitter Follow Me badge.