Criteria for the Green Flag Award

This is what we do to get our Green Flag:

  • We have an Eco Committee (We call ourselves the Umbrella Team)
  • We have put ourselves forward to be on the Umbrella Team.
  • Pupils have the opportunity to nominate some adult members on to the Committee for specific tasks
  • The Umbrella team sometimes co-opts adult members on to the committee for specific tasks
  • The Umbrella Team meets at least once every half term (we have met every week for the last year)
  • We keep minutes of meetings showing how decisions have been made, and pupils share the minute-taking responsibility with adults (so far our minutes have been the Environmental Audits and Action Plans we carried out with our school forum).
  • Minutes are displayed on an Ecology notice board and website (please note our minutes at this point are the Environmental Audits and Action Plans we have carried out).
  • Reports of Umbrella meetings have been and will be presented at school board/Parent Council meetings
  • Pupil members of the Umbrella Team take ideas from the rest of the pupil forum and report them to Umbrella Team
Environmental Review
  • Our Umbrella Team plan and carry out an Environmental Reviews of the School in consultation with the pupil and teacher forum.
  • Our Review and Action Plans covers all areas of environmental impact (see under each topic in our Green Flag Binder and Website)
  • The results of the Review are collated into one document for display on the Ecology website
  • Pupil members of the Umbrella Team collect suggestions for action from school classes and clubs
  • An Environmental Review is undertaken once a year to evaluate overall progress (see under each topic heading on our website).
Action Plan
  • Our Action Plans are included in the school development or improvement plan
  • Pupils take responsibility for leading some action areas
  • Our Action Plans have aims and targets
  • Our Action Plans show cost implications and include how activity will be monitored and evaluated
  • Our Action Plans are displayed on the school’s Eco Notice Boards and on our website
Monitoring & Evaluation
  • The Umbrella Team ensures that evaluation of action is ongoing and being achieved well.
  • The whole school is aware of progress of environmental action, and is given the opportunity to evaluate how well things are being done.
  • The Umbrella Team meets to review progress
  • We build on successes and decide on realistic actions when activities are not proving successful
  • Some monitoring data is used for curriculum work
Linking to the Curriculum
  • The school has a named individual responsible for environmental education/sustainable development education
  • The school has a curriculum plan integrating a range of environmental issues into the curriculum across some year groups or classes in a range of subjects
  • Aspects of Eco-Schools activities are integrated into a range of subjects across the curriculum for the majority of classes or year groups
  • Issues surrounding sustainable development are explored through curriculum activities in many year groups
  • Eco-Schools activities are displayed on a notice board inside/outside the school
  • Displays of Eco-Schools Activities are put up for the local community for example in the library, local shop, church or community hall
  • Eco-Schools activities are integral to the school and the whole school engages in an annual Day of Action (or similar activities)
  • The wider community is involved in the activities going on in the school; for example local council officers and members of local businesses, or environmental organisations
  • The school has approached the local press to cover its Eco-Schools activities.
  • Details of the school’s Eco-Schools activities are put on the School’s web site
Eco Code
  • The whole school is given the opportunity to make suggestions for what they believe should be included in the Eco Code
  • The Eco Committee drew up a Code from suggestions collected, and presented it to the school for approval
  • The Eco Code is displayed on the Eco Schools notice board and in all classrooms. It is also displayed on any  outside notice board and the school’s web site
  • The Eco Code is reviewed by the whole school every year to make sure it remains relevant