Sustainability Action Plan


  • To ensure that the school is a healthy and safe place for children to learn.
  • To learn about where our food comes from; the impact our food system has on the planet and people; and, how we can grow and eat more food more locally to reduce C02 emissions.
  • To learn about where our water comes from and ensure that we are conserving water and have good clean drinking water.
  • To reduce the amount of waste we create and to reuse and or recycle whatever waste we do make.
  • To have¬†no¬†litter in or around our school grounds so that we have a nice looking school and reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill site.
  • To conserve and reduce energy consumption and to find ways to reduce C02 emissions. To find ways of making more of our own renewable energy.
  • To try not to use the car to get to and from school so that we can be fit, have fun, be safe and help to reduce C02 emissions.
  • To ensure that the School Grounds are healthy, safe and attractive for people, plants, animals and bugs so we can learn about and care for all the different life forms.
  • To learn about what we need to live healthy lives and how our actions affect other living things and to ensure our actions impact us and other living things in a positive way.