Removing labels & changing styles

Exercise 1.5: Remove the labels and change the style

By default, the new layer (AWI_EAST_LOTHIAN) uses the Project Style Set to colour the Polygons. This can have unpredictable results – strange colour schemes and labels, but no harm is done as we are going to change it in the next step.

Managing styles is the subject of a full tutorial on its own, but to get you going here is how.

Remove Woodland Inventory Label
Remove Woodland Inventory Label
  1. Call up the Project Manager. The right hand pane has a range of configuration options set out as tabs.
  2. Chose the Labels sub-tab and select No Label and then OK.
  3. If you are feeling adventurous, come back to this stage after you’ve completed all the exercises and see if you can chose a different display label from the database (Hint select Data Values).

Next we are going to change the default project style.  Creating a fresh one takes time, so we are going to use one we made earlier.

  1. From the Project Manager, select the tab after Layers called Project Style Set
  2. Now click the sub tab Style Management and select Import style set and overwrite
  3. Navigate to the folder Ancient Woodland Inventory, where we picked up the original data, and select the style file and click OK
  4. Click OK
  5. Note that the map has now changed, but we still haven’t told it how to apply our new colour scheme.

    Import Woodland Inventory Style
    Import Woodland Inventory Style

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