Scotland 1790 David Rumsey Collection

Community Map Making Facility

Scotland 1790 David Rumsey Collection
Scotland 1790 David Rumsey Collection

Sustaining Dunbar has developed a map making facility, initially to access local environmental and resource data and digital maps to help develop a Local Resilience Action Plan.

Groups in the Dunbar and District Ward are welcome to use the facility.

On this site, you can get a quick view of how the facility works.

For the duration of the project, you will have¬†access to a number of useful datasets (under East Lothian Council’s licence) and a short training tutorial, designed to get you started and¬†show you how to view map information and undertake basic queries.

Several different computer programs are available, which do not require prior map making skills, but will require some computer knowledge and understanding of geographic data.

Map Maker Pro is quite powerful and can be used create new maps. We’ve setup the basics for you to navigate and view a range of map resources. It is quite easy to get started, but you will need to understand spatial data basics. It is not being updated at the time of writing. Making maps from scratch with professional looking keys for printing can be quite involved, requires discipline and regular practice. Not for the impatient.

Now that QGIS is also available and stable, this unlocks the ability to generate leaflet maps, deep analysis, and comes with a host of geoprocessing tools to manage raster and vector files and much more. This software is preferred, as it is open source and is kept up to date.

Ask if you can get help with other online mapping tools (training available – contact Philip Immirzi). These are improving and changing on almost a daily basis. New data sets are increasingly available too under liberal licensing regimes, but make sure you check permissions.