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Cookie Consent

You will know that “cookie consent” buttons now litter the internet and makes it less usable and friendly. In 2012 we updated our terms of service and made available a plugin to provide our users  with controls to provide consent. Apart from ourselves, none of our users have ever employed it, so we have turned […]

Changing and responsive

Things change at ourlocality weekly, not that many notice, but we try hard to fine tune and improve platform stability, usability and security as well as answer questions as best we can – quite responsive really. Responsive templates are all the rage and we have a few over @ourlocality. If you’re not sure whether you […]

Disappearing links

There is no mystery that links have disappeared from the blogroll. As of 3.5 they were gone. Those in the know will have worked out that creating a custom menu achieves pretty much the same thing. Pernickety folk will be asking how do you set the target, to open a new window. Well you can’t. […]

WordSmith: A smoother media editing experience

With WordPress 3.9 alias “Smith” editing is all about closing the gap: Improved visual editing (paste Word text straight into the editor) Edit images easily Drag and drop your images More with Video and Audio (playlists) Live widget previews Gallery previews New theme browser

Bringing it all back home

If you have an existing self hosted website or free hosted website, but want to move your contents closer to home, we’ve just installed a handful of importers that will deal with a good number of the most popular platforms.