Are hesitation repetition and deviation bad?



Apart from in “Just a minute”, where the rules forbid it, hesitation, repetition, and deviation can often be used to positive effect.

Hesitators like Quintus Fabius Maximus Verrucosus waited for the right moment to intervene in battle 1

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  1. His nickname “Cunctator” refers to his tactics in deploying the troops during the Second Punic War.
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Cookie Consent

You will know that “cookie consent” buttons now litter the internet and makes it less usable and friendly.

In 2012 we updated our terms of service and made available a plugin to provide our users  with controls to provide consent. Apart from ourselves, none of our users have ever employed it, so we have turned it off. We’ve instead opted for a new “implied consent” tool, which we hope makes it easier for you to manage and is discrete and less obtrusive for your users.  To try it out, go to Plugins and Activate “UK Cookie Consent”. This creates a new page, which you can tailor as we have done, and forms also the basis to this article.

If you don’t give a cookie, then no worries, otherwise what follows is a short summary of our cookie policies.

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Bringing it all back home

If you have an existing self hosted website or free hosted website, but want to move your contents closer to home, we’ve just installed a handful of importers that will deal with a good number of the most popular platforms. Continue reading

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Keep OurLocality Beautiful

news.ourlocality.OrgEvery so often OurLocality gets a makeover. Yay!

News.OurLocality.Org (NOL) our aggregator website for all the good things that happen on our local platform, now looks better.

NOL uses a responsive template, so should look great on your smart phone, tablet or widescreen TV. Try resizing your screen and see how it responds (just don’t try confusing it)! No, it ain’t retina ready, but why would you bother on a community platform?

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2 hours is too long but better than 7!

This afternoon at 2 minutes to 2:00, a database file started to play up on the OurLocality server, which is cutely named “Agora” or open space (greek) / forum (latin). Two text messages and 2 emails later and within minutes a customer complaint (a slow 8 minutes?) We were rather busy on a couple of other things at the same time, so even though we were on the case just 10 minutes later and the problem had been identified, the fix took a bit longer and 2 long hours had passed. Way too long. Big apologies are due for the extended downtime.

A couple of extra hands on deck could have had the problem fixed a lot faster (because 2 brain cells are better than 1.) Anyone out there with knowledge of Debian, Mysql and WordPress? We have a wonderful setup and great webhost, who will be on hand if our virtualisation environment or OS is the problem.

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Go Parker

Mobile friendly too

Mobile friendly too credit

We’re upgrading this weekend to “Parker” (in honour of Charlie Parker, bebop innovator) with Version 3.8 of WordPress. The claim from Matt Mullenweg is that this is the most beautiful update yet, and that is just the girls’ view. Anyways we’ve given it a spin and we think you’ll agree. Here’s what is under the bonnet:

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AA Roadside

An AA box inconveniently located in a field credit

We’ve noticed that some projects that come our way stumble to get their web projects started – web publishing is slightly more complicated or just a bit more time consuming than at first appears. Also once started some projects get a bit lost, run into trouble, or run out of gas or something else a bit more technical.

So we’ve decided to offer a new support regime, which a bit like AA roadside support should help you get you started again.

Pay us an annual fee of just £24 and you’ll have direct access to the friendly support you need to help get you back on the road.

For the same amount we can also undertake a quick respray or a wash and polish – interactively or just leave it with us.

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Server Transition Complete

1-DSC_0072The database and files were moved to the new server the day before yesterday, when we closed down the administration area. Sorting out the DNS took a little bit longer to get started, but with a little bit of help from our good friends and hosts at, we got that under way about midday yesterday, which set the clock ticking. Domains with nameservers with our hosts were up within the hour.  Domains that were Cnamed took a while longer, but this morning all the domains are looking good.

However, please check that there is nothing awry. We expect some wrinkles, but not too many. If you do not see your website at all, that could be a human error. Let us know and we’ll get on the case.

We’ve already spotted another small issue. Emails sent via the website (the subscriptions plugin and recaptcha contact form) will have the your “From Name” in the email at the recipients end overwritten by “”. We’ll try and fix that as soon as we can figure out what is going on.


Still getting the admin closed message? Did you forget to follow the instructions we gave you? Seems some of you did! Post transition we kept the server up for a month or so, with a neat little IP redirect to catch the laggards who forgot to make the changes we advised. When we decommissioned the server the redirects stopped.

Correct the A records @ and www to point to and all should well again. Adding


will also do the trick, but you must NOT be using your registrar’s email services to use this method or you’ll delegate management to us, and we’d rather not!

Anyone wishing to reclaim their domain nameservers may do so now, but must use the A record method indicated above to ensure their website doesn’t go offline. Remember to make sure that any old A records pointing to your domain registrar or our old IP have been deleted.

Good luck.

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Ourlocality is moving home

ol-movingWe are planning an important update and moving ourlocality to a new webserver.

This move should give us more flexibility into the future and save us a bit of cash at the same time, we hope.

We need your help to smooth the process, so we’re contacting owners one by one to check their domains continue to work. If you don’t have a domain mapped to ourlocality, you don’t need to read any further.
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Oscar is here!

Give us a day or so and you’ll have it too.

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RSS hell!

News subscribers may have missed out on recent news if they were using our Feedburner Subscription service.

Feedburner has been playing up recently and would or simply could not read the standard url format on our news aggregator site.  Inexplicably the other feed services seemed to work just fine and the url readable using other feed readers.

Anyway, I have repaired the feed using a workaround and made some small optimisations to it while I was at it, making it more friendly and useful in different formats. I am hopeful that normal news service will be resumed shortly.

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