Styling using a database

Exercise 1.6: Assign the style using the database

In the next step we are going to match our chosen style set with a suitable field in the database, so that it displays our scheme correctly.

Call up the Project Manager again.

  1. Click Assign according to … tab and then select Database
  2. Chose the only available database (.dbf) and hit OK
  3. Chose the Link Column : Site Id (any unique id will do, but sometimes you’ll have to know your data to chose appropriately) and then click OK
  4. Next chose the column to display ANTIQUITY towards the bottom of the pick list. Do not click OK quite yet!
  5. You must switch tab and select the Filter data in … ANTIQUITY tab and create a New filter, that you will name tree.txt and save on your desktop.
  6. A simple key will pop up with four woodland categories. Anything else means you have probably selected the wrong field.
  7. When you are happy you have the right field, close the dialog by clicking OK.
  8. Click OK once more to close the Project Manager.

The gallery below sequences the main events.

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