Whenever you do a survey there is always someone who points out the bleeding obvious, thinks they know better or makes some snide remarks because they have an axe to grind. My favourite in our recent survey of the OurLocality platform (mainly targeted at producers) was the anonymous person responding from their London lair that quipped that our websites are “badly constructed”. Maybe some are, but alas we’ll never know what they were comparing with! Or maybe the person is like me and fires regular brickbats at the likes of Amazon and eBay, whose gigantic offerings and improbably large budgets, are verging on the impossible to use and so badly constructed anyone would think time had stood still in the last century.

But most respondents provided constructive feedback and took the questions in the right spirit, and we’ll be writing it up over the xmas holidays I guess, as a digestive.

Meantime, going back to the badly constructed websites, here is a heads-up that we’ll be upgrading OurLocality to Clifford – after the jazzer Clifford Brown – the latest and greatest WordPress (4.4).

If you cannot wait to see what’s new here’s a quick overview. A bit underwhelming? Remember that a lot of the power is under the bonnet. It is actually hard to imagine how things could improve. Badly constructed websites indeed!