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Get Facebook

Handling the Facebook embed code used to be a struggle (where to find it and what to do with it). Also it required a paid package to embed such things in your ourlocality website. We have recognised this limited things,...

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Site access problems 6 Jan 2012

Some of you may have experienced site access issues this afternoon. The problem only affected site owners with their own domain name. The site access problem has now been resolved, but after a bit of a delay. The delay was...

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Create and configure a contact page

Most people seem to be OK with advertising an email address on their website, and there is nothing wrong with this approach. But what if you don’t have a business email, don’t want to or cannot create a new bespoke...

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Do I need a website?

Do a Google search on this and unsurprisingly the echo is a universal: YES. The chorus is from the usual suspects, peddling their website consultancy services. Self-evidently there are good reasons for having a website, but...

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Website Community Support Forum

With over 50 websites and microsites on the Ourlocality network, we thought it was time to enable better networking among website owners. You are automatically registered on the new forum on joining the Ourlocality network. Use...

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