Are you ready to learn about WordPress blocks?

There are only a few of you that have ventured into WordPress blocks, aka the Gutenberg Editor.

Here’s an initial tutorial that you might like to run through, before you dive in.

We’ve enabled the Gutenberg editor but only as an optional extra, so by default you will not see it.

However if you are planning to design a new front page, or a campaign landing page, or some other page that required a more complex layout, blocks are the “native” way to do it and should work on most themes

Give it a try by heading over to your settings and enabling blocks. You can enable blocks globally or selectively in Dashboard > Writing where you’ll find 2 settings. We recommend selectively and allow users to switch.

If you are mostly posting blog updates and news, then having both really is a boon, as blocks are unnecessarily complicated for simple content.

Don’t bother if new technology hurts too much, but in this case we’ll help decommission your website for free and show you how to get thousands of followers on instagram or twitter, while making a million. OK only kidding.

The following video is 39 minutes long. If that sounds a tad tedious, or just is not your learning style, you can of course just dive in.

All mistakes are reversible with a simple CTRL+Z or CMD+Z, and WordPress has a handy revisions tool which can potentially save the day, even between session, so long as don’t leave it too long!

Intro to Publishing with the Block Editor

By @ourlocality

Publishing Locally in East Lothian since 2010