Speeding on Church Street

Following representation by one of our members at a recent Community and Police Partnership Meeting (CAPP) about speeding on Church Street, we were provided with information on last year’s police monitoring of the area.  Speeds were assessed for both south and north bound traffic over a 7 day period.  The average number of vehicle movements per day was 388 with just over 200 movements heading north.

The average speed of travel over the period was 17.5mph.  85% of the cars travelled at an average of 22mph.  Out of the nearly 400 journeys, 6 cars each way, were recorded travelling over the speed limit but no car exceeded 0.5% over 30mph.

PC Gavin Ross, our community police officer, has monitored the road in the past month and found it quiet with responsible traffic movements.  He told us that the incident of speeding recorded in last year’s audit is not significant enough to warrant any dedicated police action but if you see anybody speeding:

  • PHONE 101  (non-emergency number for police)
  • REPORT ITChurch St Speeding Results


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Beach Cleans and Gardening Diary

Beach Garden Diary 2014

Beach Garden Diary 2014

You will be really welcome on any or all of these days. (See News Page for Diary)

Bags and grabbers will be provided for the beach cleans.  Please remember to bring gloves if you can!

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Neighbourhood Resilience + Project Seaweed…find out more!

Our April meeting was jam packed with topics and you can see what we talked about in our minutes, Minutes 01.04.14


Of particular interest was the emerging Resilience Plan where we are being guided by Sue Guy and Kenny Maule to formulate a robust response to events which might affect us all, such as flooding or storms.  We hope to have a visit from the Emergency Services at our next meeting on 6th May – watch out for details.

The Seaweed Project is underway under the guidance of Cian McHugh.  Our local councillors, Michael Veitch and Norman Hampshire Unknown-4were the only local representatives to attend a briefing meeting and both were enthusiastic about this visionary plan. (All Local and Community Councillors were invited). At Norman’ssuggestion, Cian will now liaise with Sustaining Dunbar to see how our project might fit with the emerging Zero Waste Town model being developed by SD.

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Come and Play with John Muir!

John Muir Festival

The poster says it all!

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Dunbar Methodist Church Making History

In celebration of the 250th anniversary of the founding of Dunbar’s Methodist Church, members of the congregation are trying to gather memories from past members and churchgoers.

images-6Dunbar is the oldest Methodist Church In Scotland, having been first erected in 1764 and later enlarged in 1857. Both John Wesley and Charles Wesley were trustees of the Society in Dunbar and John preached at the Methodist Church on 21 occasions. In his diary entry for May 17th 1770 he wrote “In the evening I preached at the new house at Dunbar, the cheerfullest in all the Kingdom.”

Louse Gilchrist, who is leading the history search said, ”After years of declining membership and failing fabric, our new and growing congregation is looking not only to renovate the church but also to celebrate links between the building and the people who remember it.  We are planning on having church open days this summer, at which visitors will not only be able to see this simple little chapel with its stunning stained glass, but also read all about the past here.”

If you have any photographs or memories of the church that you would like to share, please contact Louise at     Louise.Gilchrist@ed.ac.uk or drop information into the church at the side door on Castle Street.  The church is open for morning service at 11am each Sunday.

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Neighbourhood Resilience & Emergency Plan Update

Update re our neighbourhood resilience/ emergency plan:

  • Kenny, Pippa, Mike and Sue met to review our draft plan we developed in our last group meeting.
  • Sue will be writing to invite all our local emergency services (First Responders, Police, Coastguard, Fire dept) to come and meet DSHNG 6th May and ask them to discuss with us what they recommend we prepare for and what the drill is in the event of certain emergencies (relevant to our area) would be and for our group to ask them any questions.
  • Sue will draft a information and survey flyer to go out to our neighbourhoods to let everyone know what we are doing, give any information we have gathered about who to call in case of emergencies. We will be asking people if they are interested in getting involved, what they feel they would like to be better prepared for or may need assistance with in the case of extreme weather / crisis and to identify local skills and resources.
  • We will work to survey our own areas around where we live.  We will also have an online survey for people to fill out if they wish. We will be developing emergency contact trees for each neighbourhood patch with one umbrella tree to coordinate all DSHNG patches in case of emergency or to prepare for extreme weather.
  • Kenny has been doing some research into sand bags and Hydrosacks (alternatives to sand bags). Once people identify they are interested in getting in on a bulk purchase of Hydrosacks then we will place the order).
  • Pippa is writing to Paul Laidlaw to ask what assistance is available to Housing Association residents in our neighbourhood and if they need assistance to develop their plans etc.
  • Kenny is looking into the use of British Legion as a safe place and Mike will ask about church hall as being second safe place.
  • Kenny will present the update above at this evenings DSHNG meeting.
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Loose screw? Not a chance!

Robert Wilson copy

Have you checked out the Harbour’s screw propellor lately?  DSHNG helped the Community Council to procure and fix new information boards for ROBERT WILSON’s propeller.  Gary Lawson, the Harbourmaster, was a dab hand at the adhesive in a very cold and strong east wind!  Go and have a read…… it is a great story!

Gary Lawson

Gary Lawson – Dunbar’s Harbour Master



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Rest Awhile with Dr Badger

Dunbar Rotary Club led the commemoration of Dr Badger’s bench on what was a beautifully sunny 22nd March.  The event was emotional and special and very well attended.  Thanks to Liz Curtis for the photographs.

The magical lettering that appears and disappears with the sun is a real treat and the Badger family felt that its quiet statement would have been appreciated by Tom.

The bench incorporates paving echoing a Fibonacci spiral, the form commonly found in seashells and other natural organisms.  The bench is deliberately aligned to set the view to the Castle and the Battery.

Enjoy it – the spot is for everyone.



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Our DRAFT Neighbourhood Resilience Action Plan

The following is the first draft of our Neighbourhood Emergency and Resilience Plan. Please contact sue@sustainingdunbar.org if you would like to participate as a member of the Dunbar Shore and Neighbourhood Resilience Task Group to help develop and implement this plan.

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Lots happening! Minutes of meeting – 4th March 2014

Minutes 04.03.14

We started our COMMUNITY RESILIENCE plan, led by Sue Guy.  Sue will circulate our thoughts to all members and would welcome feedback before finalising our plan.  People were particularly concerned about the risks of flooding and erosion of sea defences as well as how we might better look after our neighbours if we were faced with a safety issue.

We also got an update on the HARBOUR GATEWAY project (aka Blair’s Garden).  We are  going for a single artist option and, if we can secure funding, will commission Gardner Molloy to work with us to create a piece called The Creel Loaders.

Su Nuttgens asked for help to manage and maintain the garden at Colvin St, adjacent to the play garden.  More information to follow!


This is the first VERY rough model of what The Creel Loaders sculpture might look like.



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