Helping Hands, Money to Spend and more in MAY!



We had a focussed meeting on 5th May and were very pleased to have Liz Wardaugh from Wingate TRA with us.

Lots of things to think about and catch up on… do get back to us if you have any thoughts on matters raised.Minutes 05.05.15 Minutes 05.05.15'2 Minutes 05.05.15'3

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News from our April Meeting

Minutes 07.04.15Minutes 07.04.15'2Minutes 07.04.15'3Minutes 07.04.15'4

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Our March Meeting

Minutes 03.03.15Minutes 03.03.15'2Minutes 03.03.15'2

Minutes 03.03.15'3

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Flood Defences Go Live

As part of the neighourhood resilience planning project, Scottish Flood Forum has helped the group to get ready for the spring storms.  Two public information sessions later and all potentially affected houses have been given the chance to find out more.

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East Beach Regeneration 2015

In a collaboration between ELC and DSHNG, group members will meet with marine engineers in February 2015 to see if there is a viable add long term solution to the issues relating to sand loss from the East Beach.  We will keep you posted!

East Beach

How we want it to be, once more!

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We start gardening on 15th February.  Everyone will be welcome at the Beach Garden, Colvin St. No experience is necessary!Gardening

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The Creel Loaders

Gardner Molloy, a celebrated sculptor from Port Seton, will start work shortly on The Creel Loaders.  The piece will sit in a paved garden in Victoria St and guide visitors to the Harbours.

The Dunbar Harbour Gateway project has been funded by Viridor Credits and a private, local benefactor.  The work is programmed for completion in the summer of 2015.

DSC01382 DSC01386


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Victoria Street Lobster

A Regeneration Project

The Dunbar Shore and Harbour Neighbourhood Group (DSHNG) is committed to trying to improve the publically accessible areas of the East Beach and Dunbar’s harbours. During our annual estate inspection in 2013, we identified a small piece of land at Cromwell Harbour, closely adjacent to McArthur’s Stores, which had become overgrown and untended.

Upon enquiry, it appeared that this land is owned neither by East Lothian Council nor by adjoining house or business owners. It is a patch that is used as a dog toilet.

After discussion with Dunbar Harbour Trust, some of the local fishermen and Barry Buglass (whose shellfish premises abut the site), it was agreed that it would be preferable for this patch of land to be paved over. DSHNG would like to see this patch paved in high quality but very low maintenance materials to match the existing paths which have been laid in Caithness slabs with granite margins.

The group would, in addition, very much like to add a small street art work and would like to see a lobster carved into one of the paving stones. We think this would add to people’s pleasure as they use and visit the harbour and the lobster is an appropriate reminder of the business carried out on a daily basis in this place. We want to make people smile!

ELC have now given us funding and a lobster is on the way, set in cobbles from the Victoria Harbour.

Site + lobster

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Minutes of AGM and Open Meeting – Feb 2015

Minutes AGM&Open 03.02.15

Minutes AGM&Open 03.02.15:2Minutes AGM&Open 03.02.15:3

Minutes AGM&Open 03.02.15:4

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What we got up to in 2014

AGM Report 2014:1

AGM Report 2014:2

AGM Report 2014:3

AGM Report 2014:4AGM Report 2014:5

AGM Report 2014:6

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