Things change at ourlocality weekly, not that many notice, but we try hard to fine tune and improve platform stability, usability and security as well as answer questions as best we can – quite responsive really. Responsive templates are all the rage and we have a few over @ourlocality.

If you’re not sure whether you are using a responsive template, check out your site from a mobile device or tablet – or try resizing your browser window to as small as it will go. If you cannot be bothered to change your template, which can be hard work, there is another option for twenty ten users – there are quite a few of you. We have released a twenty ten responsive plugin, which ensures your website works quite nicely on multiple devices.

In addition there is a responsive menu plugin which will hide your main menu and replace it with a responsive one for mobiles.

Remember to add #access to the Hide HTML options under Settings > WP Responsive Menu, necessary to make the black menu bar smartly disappear on small devices.