1-DSC_0072The database and files were moved to the new server the day before yesterday, when we closed down the administration area. Sorting out the DNS took a little bit longer to get started, but with a little bit of help from our good friends and hosts at bytemark.co.uk, we got that under way about midday yesterday, which set the clock ticking. Domains with nameservers with our hosts were up within the hour.  Domains that were Cnamed took a while longer, but this morning all the domains are looking good.

However, please check that there is nothing awry. We expect some wrinkles, but not too many. If you do not see your website at all, that could be a human error. Let us know and we’ll get on the case.

We’ve already spotted another small issue. Emails sent via the website (the subscriptions plugin and recaptcha contact form) will have the your “From Name” in the email at the recipients end overwritten by “ourlocality.org”. We’ll try and fix that as soon as we can figure out what is going on.


Still getting the admin closed message? Did you forget to follow the instructions we gave you? Seems some of you did! Post transition we kept the server up for a month or so, with a neat little IP redirect to catch the laggards who forgot to make the changes we advised. When we decommissioned the server the redirects stopped.

Correct the A records @ and www to point to and all should well again. Adding

@ CNAME ourlocality.org

will also do the trick, but you must NOT be using your registrar’s email services to use this method or you’ll delegate management to us, and we’d rather not!

Anyone wishing to reclaim their domain nameservers may do so now, but must use the A record method indicated above to ensure their website doesn’t go offline. Remember to make sure that any old A records pointing to your domain registrar or our old IP have been deleted.

Good luck.