Wordpress Green 3.4 is here

WordPress Green 3.4 is here

We have just upgraded to WordPress 3.4. “Green” in honour of guitarist Grant Green, known for his soulful simplicity. Check for problems and report back.

Simplicity is a refreshing constant in the WordPress philosophy so we try not to clutter the OurLocality toolbox with too much stuff. However, with Green there a handful of new features that you might like to try out, but which we feel need some extras, so do read on.

First, see what the good folk at WP have to say as they claim that it could improve your looks, always worth a try and it is free.

We kind of like the ability to try out certain template customisations before your save. You can also now add wider header images, as well as slender ones or bold brash big ones. This is handy if your template is clever enough to know what to do with it.

If not your website or blog will look ugly. So we’ve activated the Automattic Custom css tool. You would have to pay for this on WordPress.com, and we’re giving it to you free.

Go to plugins to activate it and it will appear in the Appearance menu. The first time you use it you may need to type in the code twice or simply invoke the tool again from the menu, a known quirk. A handy history of template changes is saved. The safe css filter removes nasty code and some advanced css3 features, but it will not check syntax, so take care to put the colons and semi-colons in the correct place.

So here’s one very simple css trick that would center a 1140px header image in the Twenty Ten or the We Love OurLocality themes, which normally takes a 940px image:

#branding img {
margin: -100px;