• Jun 2019: Kieren Evans goes to the University of York to work with Dr Jason Lynam on C-H activation funded by an RSC Mobility Grant
  • Jun 2019: Dr Rob Newland graduates, the first from the Mansell group
  • May 2019: Matt Andrews, PhD student, back in Edinburgh after 4 month industrial internship placement with Lubrizol
  • Apr 2019: Kieren Evans presents his work at the RSC Sir Geoffrey Wilkinson Dalton Poster Symposium 2019 at Burlington house
  • Feb 2019: Dr Peter Cleaves leaves for pastures new
  • Jan 2019: ‘Hot Paper’ published in Chem. Eur. J.


  • Dec 2018: Article on radium published in The Conversation and The Scotsman
  • Nov 2018: Stephen Mansell heads to Shetland for a school’s visit.
  • Oct 2018: Beth Trodden joins the group as a CRITICAT PhD student
  • Sep 2018: Stephen Mansell back after a ScotChem funded placement at LIKAT in Rostock, Germany, hosted by Prof. Paul Kamer
  • Jul 2018: Stephen Mansell gives talk at ICCC, in Sendai, Japan


  • May 2017: Stephen Mansell presents the group’s work at the Royal Society symposium on Sustainable Catalysis
  • Mar 2017: Dr Peter Cleaves joins the group
  • Jan 2017: Leverhulme Trust Grant success


  • Oct 2016: Matt Andrews joins the group as a CRITICAT PhD student
  • Sep 2016: Kieren Evans joins the group as a DTP-funded PhD student


  • Oct 2015: Dr Marta Rosello-Merino leaves the group for a PDRA position at The University of York