UG MChem/BSc and summer projects

Summer projects
We are keen to hear from students in their second, third or fourth years (if MChem) who are interested in summer internships. Most years, we take on one student for a summer internship / project, and have had funding from industry, research grants, the Institute of Chemical Sciences, the Royal Society of Chemistry, EPS Athena Swan summer bursaries etc. Previous projects include:

  • Making new ligands and Ni complexes for polymerisation catalysis
  • The synthesis of molecules containing the phosphorus analogue of pyridine (phosphinine)
  • f-Block chemistry: organometallic complexes of the lanthanides
  • The development of an ethylene polymerisation UG teaching lab experiment
  • 3D printing

BSc and MChem projects
We take on 2 -3 students for final year research projects each year. Project booklets are distributed to students to help make their project selections. Our group typically focus on organometallic chemistry, synthesis and homogeneous catalysis. Please email Dr Mansell for more details.