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Welcome to the website of the Mansell Research Group based at Heriot-Watt University. We develop new catalysts to make useful products more efficiently.

Our vision is to combine the best aspects of main group, transition metal chemistry and f-block chemistry in order to develop better homogeneous catalysts targeting important transformations, including acceptorless dehydrogenation and C-H functionalisation.

Edinburgh Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas Fringe shows:

12:20 Thur 8 Aug: Boron and Brighter Brains. £12/£10, Stand 5,

13:40 Thur 22 Aug: The Real Fifth Element. £12/£10, Stand 5,

Our latest publication on C-H and C-C activation / borylation is out now in Organometallics. We were also selected for the front cover:

This work also features in two Chemistry World articles


Virtual Lab tour:

3D tour of the lab

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