Group members

Current Group Members
Peter Cleaves is working on phosphinine complexes of first row transition metals for small molecule activation. (Started: Mar 2017)

PhD students
Rob Newland is working on new phosphinine ligands for catalysis. (Started: Oct 2014)
Amanda Benton is working on a collaborative project with Prof. Alan Welch combining boron and tin reagents with carboranes. (Started: Sep 2015)
Kieren Evans is working on tethered ligands for C-H activation. (Started: Sep 2016)
Matthew Andrews is working on a CRITICAT collaborative project with Dr Ruaraidh McIntosh developing new first row transition metal catalysts for co-polymerisations. (Started: Sep 2016)

MChem and BSc students

Former Erasmus students
Simon Rachor (Jan 2017)
Tobias Bischoff (Jan 2016)
Jan Christmann (Oct 2015)

Past Group Members
Dr Marta Rosello-Merino (worked on C-H activation using tethered stannylene ligands) (Oct 2014 – Oct 2015)

Former undergraduate project students
Alana Smith
Stephen Belford
Paul Ewing
Nina Jeffrey
David Donald was working on funtionalised 3D-printable materials with Dr Filipe Vilela.
Martyn Henry was working on new ligands for polymerisation catalysis.
Sarah McKnight was working on Ru complexes for H-borrowing reactivity in the upgrading of biofuels.
Dylan Bompas (3D-printable materials with Dr Filipe Vilela)
Lisa Patrick (joint project with Prof Stuart Macgregor on understanding our ligands using computational chemistry)

Former summer students
Andrew Burton (Undergraduate Summer Student 2016)
Matthew Andrews (Undergraduate Summer Student 2015)
Reda Ghezzal (Undergraduate Summer Student 2014)