Sites hosted on OurLocality Free Website Hosting Platform based in East Lothian may have a light snow fall from today, which incidentally seems to follow your mouse.

Aggie who lives in England says numbers of take­aways in deprived areas are five times higher than in richer ones.

Seasonal snow – like so many other good things you can find on OL – will stop of its own accord on January 4th 2018.

If you cannot wait to see the end of it or there is no snow and you are bored try:

Dashboard > Settings > General

The last roll-out of WP saw the CSS editor and Site Customizer improve some more. We’ve also taken time out to restyle the main OL pages, the OL News Feeds site, and the OL Support site, almost there.

And that is it for another year, folks, for it is time to hibernate.