The OurLocality Network offers a free publishing network for anyone in or around East Lothian.

Whether you have a one off project, need to setup an emergency website or have a slow burning idea that needs space to evolve, our free and easy platform, based on WordPress is available at no cost but your time.

But is OurLocality for you? Here’s our ready reckoner (we assume you have little or no budget and don’t want to host your own website):-

1) Is your audience global? You may be better off with, or A bewildering array of options and templates with nice pay for add ons.

2) School or education related? Then is probably the best place for schools, educators and learners to share / express themselves.

3) Something else rooted in your locality in and around East Lothian? Then OurLocality is worth a look.

4) Don’t have time to learn a new system? If you’re the social extrovert type then use facebook or twitter instead.


5) Can I use email newsletters? OL provides some limited support, but we find and similar software does the job admirably and a heck of a lot better than an email program.

Otherwise there’s the old fashioned yearly newsletter, which is usually hopelessly out of date.

What was that I said about lacking time?