Dunbar to Spott

Crossing at Spott Roundabout (Google Streetview)

Crossing at Spott Roundabout (Google Streetview)

As the crow flies, Spott village is less than 3 miles from Dunbar, but it often feels like a car journey is necessary to connect the two places. In fact, there are two direct walking/cycling routes, neither of which are well-known.

The first route from Dunbar is simply to follow the car route on Spott Road, but as this involves crossing the busy A1 dual carriageway at the Spott Roundabout, it doesn’t feel particularly safe or welcoming. However, once across the roundabout the road is quiet although traffic may be fast.

The second route is from Beveridge Row and crosses the A1 via an ‘pedestrian/cyclist and access only’ underpass at Eweford cottages, then taking a back road which is currently gated and closed to vehicles. This route is particularly suitable for cycling.

The report by consultant Crispin Hayes Associates for Sustaining Dunbar has this to say about the routes: