Dunbar to Spott

4.1 Spott Village to the A1

The exit of [Spott] village downhill towards Dunbar is narrow, has blind corners and no obvious space for a roadside path. Once further away from the village Spott Road is more open and a safer prospect, though it is subject to fast moving traffic.

Alternative routes were investigated, notably the suggestion that a new path could be created from Wester Broomhouse or the Pleasance directly into Spott. The topography of the deep and steeply-sided valley or Dean through which the Spott Burn runs in makes this unfeasible.

The existing alternative route from Doon Bridge via Wester Broomhouse, and thence to Dunbar via a little used underpass does offer a good alternative, even though the exit from the village to Doon Bridge still has to be undertaken. However, the path itself begins with a closed gate and a lack of signage at Doon Bridge, and certainly does not invite use. Again at the Dunbar end, there is no signage.


1. Encourage use of existing alternative route by creating finger post signage at the following locations:

  • NT663784, Dunbar town, junction of A1087 with Beveridge Row. ‘Cycle Route To Spott’
  • NT669773 Northern entry road to A1 Underpass near Eweford Cottages. ‘Cycle Route To Spott’
  • NT668771 Junction of underpass road with public road. Double finger post. ‘Cycle Route To Spott’, ‘Cycle Route to Dunbar’
  • NT668770 Fork in public road. ‘Cycle Route To Spott’
  • NT672762 Turn off onto disused public road at Wester Broomhouse. Double finger post. ‘Cycle Route To Spott’, ‘Cycle Route to Dunbar’
  • NT676759 Path end at Doon Bridge. Double finger post. ‘To Spott’, ‘Cycle Route to Dunbar’

Seek landowner permission for these as required, on advice from East Lothian Council.

2. Encourage use of existing alternative route by removing gate at Doon Bridge. Seek landowner/ ELC permission for this.

3. Further investigate the feasibility of an off-road route from Spott village to Doon Bridge.