Transport Scotland expresses support

In a letter to East Lothian Council dated 13th January, Transport Scotland expresses support for the improvement of cycle and walking routes in the Dunbar area. They state they are not in a position to contribute funding but offer technical support for a new crossing of the A1.

They state that BEAR Scotland (responsible for trunk road maintenance) are looking at improving facilities for pedestrians and cyclists at the Spott Roundabout and that the trash screens at the Brandsmill underpass will be repaired shortly.

Sustaining Dunbar is seeking a meeting with Transport Scotland and East Lothian Council to discuss the Spott Roundabout proposals and to consider how to take forward a Bridge Design Specification.

In the meantime we will continue to seek funding for improvements to the path in stages:

  • Dunbar -Broxburn
  • Broxburn – Whitesands
  • Whitesands – Oxwellmains
  • Oxwellmains – Lafarge
  • Larfarge – Torness
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