Initial thoughts on connecting Dunbar to Spott, Innerwick and beyond

The barriers of the A1 and the railwayline have always made this seem like an ambitious project (and expensive) but recently the Commonwealth Legacy Fund was announced which may help to make this a reality. There are also other options available.

Sustaining Dunbar is keen to promote walking and cycling as an alternative to car use, and has been producing local maps and collecting data on people’s travel patterns which will be useful when it comes to making a funding application. We are currently working with ELC to try and secure funding for a safe walking and cycling link from Dunbar to Whitesands and then onto the roundabout at Oxwellmains. This then joins the National Cycle Route (N76) where it runs alongside the railway past the cement works and on to Torness. A crossing from Innerwick over the A1 which meets up with this would make sense, but we need support to take this forward. ┬áPlease spread the word, and hopefully we can start the ball rolling.


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