Energy Audit Service

We worked in conjunction with:

ESSAC (Energy Saving Scotland Advice Centre) – by referring people onto the Energy Assistance Package, forwarding completed HEC forms, and have worked in conjunction with them on Hotspot campaigns targeting insulation installations. They in turn referred people to BeGreen for additional advice or if someone might be eligible for one of our grants.

Care & Repair Service, East Lothian Housing Association – by referring people over 65 for simple improvement measures eg. draughtproofing, repairs etc. Where this involves grant funding we pay for items directly and also part funded a draughtproofing campaign.

Homelessness Unit, East Lothian Council – by referring recently housed clients who may be eligible for our grant assistance towards energy efficiency improvements.

Property Department, East Lothian Council – by working with the Local Authority on installing cavity wall insulation to mixed tenure properties (eg. 4 in block)

East Lothian Energy & Home Warmth Advisor – two way referrals for specialist advice or grant assistance, particularly targeted on fuel poor or vulnerable clients.

We have also opened trade accounts with local suppliers so that grant supported items can be paid for directly, and have helped people obtain quotes from local suppliers/installers.

A summary list of outputs is provided in the accompanying Annexes.