Our Team

Dr. Philip Revell: Project Coordinator (part-time)

Project Coordinator

Project Coordinator

Philip is a ‘generalist’ with wide-ranging experience of environmental and community work in the UK and overseas.

Philip originally qualified as an engineer, specialising in renewable energy and appropriate technology but has spent much of the past 20 years working as a woodfire potter.

Philip brings vision, dedication and resolve to the project (so they say).

Susan Guy: Project Coordinator (part-time)

Project Coordinator

Project Coordinator

Susan specialises in training and facilitation of participatory community mapping, action planning, monitoring and evaluation. She has 18 years experience of working directly with communities and Local Authorities to involve local people in the analysis of their situations, planning for the future, and organise themselves to make things happen. She contributes skills and tools for participatory community consultation, facilitation, monitoring, evaluation and capacity building, and more besides.

Sean Watters: Energy Auditor

Energy Auditor

Energy Auditor

Formerly an architect, with over 10 years experience in the design, specification and management of construction projects.

Sean brings technical and practical knowledge relating to energy efficiency improvements to buildings, an awareness of planning and building control issues.

Sean has experience in education, training, and delivering presentations.

Mark James: Energy Auditor (part-time)

Energy Auditor

Energy Auditor

Mark has worked in the environmental field for over a decade. Most recently in energy advice. He has a wide range of skills and is a team player.

Mark’s background is in transport, mostly cycling related projects. He is involved with Dunbar Community Bakery, Cycling Dunbar and other community initiatives. He is a cycle trailer puller, bread maker,¬†composter, seaweed collector and a committed carbon reducing environmentalist.

Rosy Marshall: Energy Auditor (part-time)

Rosy brought diverse skills and interests to the project but left to follow her sailing dreams in Summer 2010.

There are too many people to thank, but we are going to try anyway.

In no particular order:

The people who live in the Dunbar and East Linton Ward (for opening your doors),
Sheila Kerr  (for being BeGreen Administrator);
All local facilitators (for getting out there),
Heather Christie (for making it pretty),
Liz Young (for making it readable),
Lothian Printers (for being so patient),
Rebecca Vivers (for being so understanding and helpful),
Our Board of Directors,
Alan Blackie (for opening many doors),
Philip Immirzi (for advice, fancy maps, deeper data explorations, website development, support and more),

and and and …..