Emission Reductions

Loft insulation was the most widely adopted measure

Loft insulation was the most widely adopted measure

This section outlines our estimates of the actual reductions brought about by the changes the project has made, through the Energy Advice Service. We also reflect on what we have learned since we made our original assumptions, and how the project has changed awareness about CO2 in the community.

Our Energy Audit Team have completed full audits and provided follow up assistance to over 400 households to date.

All households that have received a full energy audit were sent a feedback questionnaire in Autumn 2010. There was a response rate of over 20%. These responses were mapped by postcode and had a very good geographic spread across the ward and across house types so we are confident they are a representative sample. See map here.

The responses were overwhelmingly positive and most had made some changes as a result of the audit.

On average, the ‘hard’ measures installed (ranging from draughtstripping to insulation, secondary glazing, replacement of inefficient appliances, the installation of an air-source heat pump and the installation of PVs) amounted to predicted savings of just over 13% on energy consumption (EST figures).