news.ourlocality.OrgDid you know that all your news gets re-published not just @ News.Ourlocality.Org but also on twitter @ourlocality?

The News site first aggregates all published posts from the OurLocality network and then pushes it to twitter, after a short delay, which gives you a little time to correct typos and stuff.

There’s a few reasons why this may not happen:

  • your site is not public or searchable
  • you have never created an event or post
  • your posts are still draft or you restricted access (the private flag)
  • you only update a static news page or other static pages

If you have a bunch of posts that were published but still not appearing in the news stream, you can try and “bulk edit” them, and set the publish flag to draft and republish.

If you duplicate a post (on a single site or multiple ones), deliberately or by accident, we delete it from the timelines, as it looks spammy.

So why doesn’t it appear on a facebook feed? We like things to be simple.