Top problems and tips:-

Q. I can’t login

A. This commonly occurs when you did not confirm your email address upon first registering.

If you have have tried and failed to reset your account this may be the problem. Check your SPAM for the email containing the confirmation link.

Tip: We can’t fix amnesia or other common forms of memory loss, but if you forget your username just use your email address or the forgotten password link (you are not alone!). 

For everything else try /wp-admin/ at the end of your site url.

Q. I am struggling with making my images the right size

A. Although we use a number of clever tools to manage images at our end, you will need to start with a properly sized image. When an image comes off camera it may be fine for printing, but it will be far too big to render on screen.  A typical screen size on a laptop might be 1200px or a desktop perhaps 2000px wide, whereas the picture size might typically be 3600px wide or even more with day’s technologies.

It is a pretty good idea to resize before uploading your image, to avoid running out of storage space and to get results faster. Resizing can be done using any number of image management applications, from Photoshop to Pixlr.  Users with slower connections or limited data will love you more.

Tip: If you expect images to be rendered only as thumbnails, you could reduce them to 150 pixels wide and 150 pixels high.  If you want them to occupy the full extent of your ‘content’ area, around 600px will will probably do.  If you need full screen – a larger image of say 1200 to 2000px wide, but remember to check the plugin settings carefully.

Q. Why have I got so many duplicate images in my Media Manager?

Probably because you put them there! Every time you delete an image from your article – be it a page or a post, you will be able to retrieve it again and re-use it elsewhere direct from the Media Library – THERE IS NO NEED TO UPLOAD a new one. Why are we shouting? Because this is a common misperception! Only if you delete it from the Media Library is there any need to re-upload it.

Tip: Save space online – save the planet. Also, name your images to make ’em easy to find by you and by search engines (which aren’t as clever as you think).