With a little financial assistance from Awards from All in 2011 we were able to help many first time website owners get online. Site owners got to learn the ropes in 1-1 sessions and also understand web publishing and marketing more like the pros. Without any ugly coding (actually, the code behind our platform is poetry), they learnt to use the beautifully designed user interface and not just glimpse the clever controls – we then handed over the administration of their websites, including the export functions should their needs grow.

But that was then and we are now doing it for the love of it. We have to maintain hundreds of pieces of interdependent functionality, keep services as secure and monitor hacking attempts, upgrade servers and software … often late into the night. Sus Dun provide the basic services free and as is.

So if you are enjoying OurLocality for free and want it to improve, consider making a donation. If you want to make it a large one, get in touch! But even a small one would be nice. Don’t be shy.

Or if you are a web publisher, perhaps run a few blogs or can drive a CMS/database website in a multisite environment, can quickly troubleshoot typical user problems (logging in, html, css) and love helping people out, feel free to join us and help our project/s along. Or if you’re a dab hand developer or sys admin, that would be a boon too.

If you have a great project idea of your own that might just fit in with ours, also get in touch – you never know what could happen.