OurLocality is changing all the time. In more ways than one.

Partly this is due to the assemblage of tools that we use to keep everything going. Sometimes things don’t work as well as they should. Sometimes they don’t get used, so we pull the plug. All this behind the scenes stuff goes mostly unseen, which is great. Who cares how it works? It must simply do the work when you need it to. We just get on with it.

But here is an early warning that should interest you, as we’ll be retiring the Plus! Annual Package imminently. No more annual fees? No more annual fees.

If you need a feature or a template adding, from now on we’ll add and enable it for a one off fee of £24, no further fees until you want another feature. If you are a community group with a funding line, it is £12. No money? Ask nicely and we’ll look at it. A donation – however small – always helps.

Simple and much clearer we hope. Check also our cost ready reckoner.