DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Wednesday 22nd November 2017


Actions to be Undertaken

Person responsible.

Youth disorder at High Street or Kellie road areas

Following recent increase in reports of youth ASB on Friday and Saturday evening endeavour to trace and deal with youths prior to drunken ASB occurs.

Dunbar Community Policing Team.

Dunbar Community warden.

Speeding in East Linton

Following introduction of 20mph limit throughout East Linton conduct enforcement.

Dunbar Community Policing Team

Increase quantity of intelligence regarding possible drug dealing and associated ASB

Leaflet drop all properties in areas affected

Dunbar Community Policing Team

Dunbar Community warden.

Update on priorities:

Lamer Island:

Patrols conducted. Small amounts of potentially youth ASB related litter (alcohol bottles) but no damage. Youths known to be congregating in the vicinity in recent weekends and moved on.

Speeding in East Linton

No further speed checks conducted since last meeting but will conduct further checks in near future.

Parking at Countess Crescent

Foot patrols conducted and various drivers educated/warned. Tickets to be issued in future following period of education.

Other ongoing policing issues:

Increase in recent weeks in calls regarding youths at Kellie Road and Harbour area.
Dedicated patrols over next fortnight relating to Halloween and bonfires/fireworks.

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