If you ever get this message, that’s because we try and keep our software bang up to date. Check back in a minute or 2 and it should be all good again, generally.

With literally 10s of thousands of pieces of code that strap our systems together it is not easy, with up to 10 minor updates and tweaks required every week.

Some updates, but not all are of the security variety. Others may be minor fixes to niggles that you didn’t even know existed. Others still will be major upgrades, which may require you to do something. If in doubt, pop a question on the forum.

Just so you know, someone cares, but you need to care too and report to us any issues that you feel may have compromised your security (a lost laptop with all your passwords e.g. we can easily reset your OL password). Without wanting to sound alarmist, it could be your website that is targeted next!