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Curvaceous or columnar?

If you are wondering how to get curvy boxes without Photoshop and nice looking page layouts with columns, then read on. CSS3 means you can design with code! Modify your theme style sheet with CSS3, do things with gradients,...

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Re-Captcha SPAM code not working?

We use anti-spam measures to safeguard website owners from unsolicited email / contacts. If you enter the required code incorrectly you’ll not be able to send your message or send an email. The upside is that the service...

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How to embed YouTube video

Confused by embed options? It is easier than you think. Don’t make a link or try and embed the special code. Just grab the link straight from the youtube page and paste it on a separate line. It’s a good idea to add...

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I Can’t Find My Site

You’ve just created a site on OurLocality.Org and now you can’t find it. You’ve already tried Google, Yahoo! or Bing. Here’s 4 possible whys: 1 – Your site isn’t public yet! Sites are not...

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