Blue In The Face

People from Tranent aren’t called ‘the Belters’ for nothing. It didn’t take
Carlo Salvino long to find that out the first time around and, now he’s out of
hospital, he’s all set for revenge.

The Ramsay brothers, on the other hand, are keen to rise up in the world and get the hell out of town. They gather all their hopes in the one basket, ‘The Scottish Open’ dog-fighting tournament.

In Leo they have the dog to win it, now all they need is a fair wind.

The Hooks, well they’re just a maladjusted family caught up in the middle of it

A tale of justice, injustice and misunderstanding, ‘Smoke’ takes us along for a ride with the characters introduced in ‘An Arm And A Leg’ (first published by ‘Crimespree Magazine’ and later in ‘The Mammoth Best British Crime Stories 8’).

Belts on and hold on to those hats.

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