Free Kindle Stocking Fillers

First of all, a thank you to anyone who has supported me over the year – readers, friends and community – every tiny bit of encouragement in any way matters a huge amount.

As you may know, I’ve taken a slight deviation over 2013. There was The Rocks Below, a mild, sci-fi romp set in Dunbar and then How To Choose A Sweetheart, a romantic comedy of all things.

Just now I’m back to some of my noirish sensibilities and am half way through a new novella that should be fun.

As a little Christmas offering, here are 3 books you can get for free for you kindle at Christmas.


This first, Blackbirds (by Chuck Wendig) was one of my favourites of the year (It was also one of my favourite covers of the year, by the way). The gift is from the tremendous publisher, Angry Robot and there are some other £1 bargains for you once you’ve picked up Blackbirds for nothing.


The next, With A Little Help From My Friends is by an East Lothian lady who has cerebral palsy. The things she’s had to go through have made it a long journey and this is the first part of her writing about it. It’s free for a few days and it’s rather inspiring.

And finally, my own Hymn From A Village is free for you tomorrow. It’s a big collection of my short stories. 51CDZAbWpgL._AA160_ (1)

Hope you enjoy them and that your Christmas is really lovely.

All the best,