Into Thin Air, a charming tale, an existential romance if you like, is now at Number 2 in the short story chart at Amazon.

I’m hoping that, with your support, I can knock the erotica from the top spot.

I’d be obliged if you’d click the link and take a look.

All you need is a small download that you are instructed to get during the sales process.

It’s dead easy.

Many thanks.







Dunbar Noir’s Pulp Stink


Somebody stole my post.

It’s a crime.

Like murdering love.

So, what they stole (and it’s worth something to you) is the following information.

By parting with 86p and buying the hugely well-accepted Beat On The Brat (And Other Stories) you can now purchase the already legendary PULP INK (featuring 24 leading Pulp writers) for only 99c at Smashwords.  All you need to do is take the discount code from the penultimate page of Beat On The Brat and apply at the Smashwords checkout, giving a saving of 66% (almost a crime in itself).

If you need any sense of how good the books are, they were both selected in the 8 best e-book anthologies by Crime Fiction Lover at the beginning of the week.

Should you be less than happy about the e-book thing (and yes, it’s oh so modern), then there’s a tree book version of Dirty Old Town (And Other Stories) recently published in America by KUBOA (a literary press).  Not only is it cheap, but the postage is unusually reasonable.

Should this link be stolen, I’m off into hiding.