Here’s something new. The world of fiction has been evolving and here’s an incarnation I think you’ll like. Let me introduce you to Flipbooks from NeoText. They’re doing something pretty special with pulp fiction just now, working on novellas and short novels of the highest quality that are illustrated by highly respected artists from the world of graphic novels and comics. In many ways, it’s harking back to a golden age of pulp writing, whilst embracing technology in a way that allows you to read the whole thing for free in one go. Unfortunately, WordPress won’t allow me to put the book in this post, but if you follow this link you’ll be able to find your copy immediately. All you need to do is make yourself comfortable. Here’s the blurb: Moundsville State Prison was rotten to the core. The guards were almost as crooked as the cons. Gangs ruled the jail, and Davie Ingram ruled the gangs. But this time Davie’s crew picked the wrong man to shake down. He’s a man who won’t take kindly to seeing a video of his brother being stomped by half a dozen vicious goons. A man who’s a professional in the art of making people pay. Not with money, but with blood. A man named…HOLE.