I found out today that my story ‘Sisterhood‘, one of the Dirty Old Town collection, has been accepted into the ‘Best Of British Crime Stories Volume 9’.  That’s
about as good as it gets as far as I’m concerned and I’m honoured to have been

Thanks to Maxim Jakubowski for all his splendid efforts.

News came the morning after I bought my first copy of
‘Best Of British Crime Stories 8’ which is an extraordinary collection. I already have
my 2 contributor’s copies, so this is one I promised to a friend for lending me
the box sets of ‘The Wire’.

In case you haven’t seen the cast list for Volume 8, then it’s about time you did.  Here they are:

Ian Rankin, Mick Herron, Denise Mina, Edward Marston, Marilyn Todd, Kate Atkinson,
Stuart MacBride, David Hewson, Alexander McCall Smith, Nigel Bird, Robert
Barnard, Lin Anderson, Allan Guthrie, A.L. Kennedy, Simon Kernick, Roz Southey,
Andrew Taylor, Sheila Quigley, Phil Lovesey, Declan Burke, Keith McCarthy,
Christopher Brookmyre, Gerard Brennan, Matthew J. Elliott, Colin Bateman, Ray
Banks, Simon Brett, Adrian Magson, Jay Stringer, Amy Myers, Nick Quantrill,
Stephen Booth, Paul Johnston, Zoë Sharp, Paul D. Brazill, Peter Lovesey, Louise
Welsh, Liza Cody, Peter Turnbull and Nicholas Royle.

Any one of those would be worth the entry fee alone, so what are you waiting for?

Other good news is that another piece has been accepted as one of 9 to be used as a stimulus for an art exhibition and a book.

Things are very exciting at Dunbar Noir, as you might imagine.

Pulp Ink also cracks on apace.  We’re at the proof-reading stage and it won’t be long
until it’s sent on to Needle Publishing for the setting up.

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