Countdown: Oyungerel Organics

Lent $25 towards Organic Vegetables business

I’ve just lent $25 to Oyungerel. This is loan number 198, so only 2 more and I will have lent $5000 to small businesses and groups in the developing world.

Here is¬†Oyungerel’s spiel, though those veg look a bit too perfect to be organic (no ugly vegetables is always a tell-tale sign in developing countries)!

Mrs. Oyungerel is 36 years old and lives with her husband and 3 sons in a ger in the Darhan province of Mongolia. Her husband Monhbat helps his wife with their organic vegetable retail business at a local market. Her sons Ulsbold, age 7, goes to a local primary school and Torbold, age 4, and Irmuun, age 5, go to a local kindergarten. The borrower has been running her organic vegetable retail business since 2002. She has gained a lot of experience and the customers’ trust over the years. She is now requesting 5,000,000 MNT to purchase larger amounts of organic vegetables to sell at her rental counter. She is a hardworking, active and responsible woman.

Author: @ourlocality

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