Loaners together

I am amazed by how few people I have converted. Invitations go out at regular intervals. If you spent £1 less on lottery tickets a week, you could be developing entrepreneurial talent in a third world country to the tune of £50 a year, which can go a long way.

But perhaps you read the “Daily Outrage”, believe all news is fake, and feel that investment is needed closer to home. Your money will only get embezzled by greedy fat cats, corrupt officials and consultants in the developing world. Well all that sounds very much like home to me. Whatever.

Anyway, the “loanly” man, unlike Theophrastus’ unsociable man (Authadeia), also get his money back. The default and delinquency rates at Kiva are almost as low as Zopa’s, Britain’s very own peer to peer lending platform.

So even if you’re a miserable man and can loan very little, you CAN lend it again, and again and again.

Just do it!

Author: @ourlocality

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