What do Maria, Juana, and Paula Andrea have in common?

They live in underbanked areas of South America. That means options for raising capital / finance are scarce. They are looking for finance to help develop their micro businesses. You can choose your criteria for lending according gender (I mainly loan to women), rurality or green criteria, whether the beneficiary is in a conflict zone or just by country and or sector.


Juana lives in Peru and grows fruit on a plot of land where she crops bananas, coffee, mandarin oranges, and oranges and she wants to expand the land she cultivates.

Arariwa is the microfinance organisation that operates fosters village banking and empowers women entrepreneurs (who make up 78% of its borrowers).



Paula Andrea

Paula Andrea operates a fast food outlet in Colombia and wants a loan to purchase an awning, stock and work supplies as well as some chairs to offer her customers better and more comfortable seating.






María is a single mum with two kids and lives with her parents in La Paz in a house made of brick and cement that belongs to her family. María offers a tea service and other foods to the employees of a private office. María needs a loan to buy provisions for the tea service and to replace some silverware. IMPRO is the non-profit that has been offering micro credit to the working poor mainly to individuals who lack guarantees or collateral.


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