1. Is the full site editor available on the Our Locality network?

Not yet. As it is still in development we cannot support it quite yet, until its released fully. Yes!

2. Will my theme on Our Locality be full site editing enabled?

No. You will need to enable a new template. When 5.9 is released we will progressively roll out new templates with FSE support. In other words a new template will be necessary to get full site editing benefits.

3. Can I try out FSE?

Yes, but you might try it first on your own setup. Read this article.

4. Will I need to upgrade my theme?

Not unless you want to use FSE. If you want to use blocks and explore the layout manager, a block based theme would allow you to rejuvenate your web presence without FSE-support.

5. My site is quite old should I upgrade?

If your site is more than 5 years old, you may want to consider a new theme. Right now only a few FSE themes that are enabled, but there are plenty that offer block-support. It is our opinion that FSE is a beta product and as such working, but still very much experimental and a work in progress.