Paths at new houses

Need designated pedestri

Need designated pedestrian/cycle north/south route within Hallhill housing

This issue was raised: 1 time/s

Solution: Work with local neighbourhood groups and ELC to establish this route. Seek assurance from ELC that all future development will include high quality strategic pedestrian and cycle routes.

ELC Proposals:

Location: Kellie Rd, Dunbar, UK

Paths at Hallhill

Need wider paths or cycl

Need wider paths or cyclist/pedestrian traffic management at Hallhill (one way scheme or speed limits on paths)

This issue was raised: 5 time/s

Solution: A solution is required urgently for this problem which will only get worse with the opening of the new DPS site. In the short term, Connecting Dunbar is working with Dunbar Primary School to produce route maps, funded by Paths for All, for the two sites which will hopefully minimise increased congestion.

ELC Proposals:

Location: Hallhill, Dunbar, UK

Street lighting

Need street lighting on

Need street lighting on route through woods from Steadings Gardens to Hallhill and shortcut to school

This issue was raised: 5 time/s

Solution: Work with Woodland Group to investigate the possibility of lighting on paths through woods.

ELC Proposals:

Location: Steadings Gardens, Dunbar, UK

Footpaths Kellie Road

Need cycle path on Kelli

Need cycle path on Kellie Road due to the number of cyclists on pavement or traffic management/one way system/speed limit on pathways Kellie Road to make it safer for young and old

This issue was raised: 8 time/s

Solution: In short term work with Dunbar Primary School on safe routes and cycle/pedestrian code of conduct. In longer term lobby ELC to replace grass verges with cycle path (maybe with Middlemas Road?)

ELC Proposals: Provision of continuous shared path between Kellie Road, though underpass to school (final report recommendations)

Location: Kellie Road, Dunbar, UK